What Are Some Ideas for Custom Kitchen Pantries?


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Some ideas for custom kitchen pantries include building a shallow space with easy-to-reach items, adding glass or clear plastic pantry shelves for easy perusal, using pull-down shelving for easy access, and building sliding racks and baskets. Other ideas include using floor-to-ceiling cabinet pantries to maximize wall space, building a pull-out pantry on the side of the refrigerator for non-perishable food and making a pantry recessed into the wall.

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Building a recessed pantry keeps the pantry out-of-sight and saves space at the same time. This narrow pantry can be built into the wall so it doesn't take up square footage and is fronted with attractive cupboards. Pull-out drawers pair well with deep pantries so the cook can easily access all the necessary ingredients. Instead of building a pantry with typical shelves, an individual can install cubbies where like items can be stored. For instance, dry cereal is located in one cubby, cookie cutters in another and cupcake decorating equipment in a third.

A pull-out pantry works for a deep, narrow space. A narrow metal shelf slides easily into the deep area, with food arranged on each side. To keep produce fresh, an individual can install pull-out wire baskets in the pantry for potatoes, onions and garlic.

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