What Are Some Ideas for a Container Garden?


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Some design ideas for a container garden are a window box garden and a container water garden. Some plant ideas for container gardens include lavender, snapdragons, taro, creeping jenny and miniature juniper trees.

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Make a window box container garden from an old wooden crate that has been lined with plastic. Cut holes into the plastic so that the box can drain, and place rocks over the holes to keep the soil from escaping. Fill the box with soil, and choose the plants for the window box. Some plants that perform well in a window box container garden environment include lavender, snapdragons, chives and ivy.

Construct a container water garden from a large decorative pot. Use water plants, such as plumbae taro, creeping jenny, ribbon grass, hyacinth and Houttuynia cordata. Plants should not exceed about six inches in height. Place the taro plant in the bottom of the decorative pot in its original container. Fill one-third of the pot with gravel and one-half with water. Place the ribbon grass into the water, and settle it on top of the rocks in the original pot. Use two inverted clay pots to support the cordata and the creeping jenny. Fill the pot up the rest of the way with water, and place the hyacinth on the surface.

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