What Are Some Ideas for Built-in Kitchen Televisions?


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Some ideas for built-in kitchen TVs include a TV slot located over the microwave, a flat TV mounted on the backsplash above the sink and a TV mounted above a refrigerator. The TV can also be built into a cabinet with storage drawers below and open shelving above.

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TVs can be built into the dead or high spaces located above microwaves and refrigerators. Instead of traditionally using the area for extra cupboards that are inconvenient to get to, a TV can be mounted on a downward tilt. A homeowner can also get a TV built into a double-oven corner unit, utilizing the hard-to-reach vertical space above the top oven. The same principle works for a kitchen corner work desk containing the telephone and computer. In the shelving above the desk, the homeowner can have a TV built in with more shelves above.

Another idea is installing a TV in a coffee and tea bar. This separate unit contains a coffeemaker, small sink and faucet, shelving and mini-microwave, above which is the TV. Individuals can enjoy some morning coffee while getting caught up on the news. A TV built into smooth black cupboards and stainless steel appliances can give a kitchen a modern, contemporary feel.

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