What Are Some Ideas for Bathroom Wall Decor?

Sticking vintage posters that complement a particular bathroom theme, lining bathroom walls with photo ledges, artwork and other small ornaments, and using wall decals are interesting ideas for bathroom wall decor. When lining the walls with ornaments, use items with similar sizes and colors, and arrange them in odd numbers for enhanced appeal.

Choose small decals when decorating a large wall, or make your own pattern by grouping decals based on the wall shapes and angles. Wall decals are available in different styles, and some are detachable for easy installation.

Display a single, large artwork to create a center of interest if you prefer minimal wall decoration. Alternatively, arrange multiple pieces of the same item to create a distinct pattern that stands out. For example, a group of green glassware pieces in a bathroom with sandy tones attracts attention and complements the room's theme.

Install 4-by-19-inch tiles to create a contemporary grid pattern, and put an oval mirror on the wall to balance the linear design. Another bathroom wall decor idea is to print your favorite inspirational quotes, put them in black frames and hang them close to the bathroom mirror. Moreover, upgrade your mirror with a more artistic mirror featuring an intricate design. Complete the decor by hanging sconces on both sides of the mirror. You may also create your own abstract artwork on a canvas and hang it above the tub.