What Are Some Ideas for Attractive Screened-in Porch Designs?

What Are Some Ideas for Attractive Screened-in Porch Designs?

Exterior design ideas for a screened-in porch include opting for a gable or hip roof and adding decorative skirting. Interior design ideas include decorating with plants, adding furniture and adding hurricane shutters.

Gable and hip roofs may be more expensive than shed roofs, but they add visual appeal and allow for higher ceilings which can make the porch appear more spacious. Many screen porch kits come with gable roofs that can attach directly to the house. Also, keeping the roof lines consistent with the house design creates a more seamless look.

Decorative skirting complements the house foundation and hides support columns. Various styles of porch skirting are available, such as wooden lattice and designed vinyl lattice. Remember to consider ventilation needs when determining the type and look of the porch skirting.

Bringing the outside in by using plants to decorate is an attractive way to create a smooth transition from the house interior to the screened-in porch. Placing some living room furniture on the porch also makes for a smooth transition.

Hurricane shutters provide a visual barrier which can make the porch feel more like an extension of the inside. Shutters also help keep the area clean and protected from weather.