What Are Some Ideas for Adding a Mother-in-Law Suite to Your Home?


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Ideas for adding an in-law suite to a home include converting a garage or basement, adding a room above a garage or combining two bedrooms to create the suite. In multiple-level homes, it may also be possible to turn the first floor, or a section of the floor, into the suite while modifying the upper floors into the full living space.

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Assess the size and capacity of a home before beginning any in-law suite construction to identify the best area for the project. Many home owners choose to convert existing unused space, such as an attached garage, by adding the appropriate plumbing and insulation. Similarly, home owners often transform basements into in-law suites, though this process is only possible in spaces that have the proper amount of egress. It may be necessary to dig out the ground surrounding the back of the basement to make enough space for a proper exterior entryway.

Another option is to combine two bedrooms by knocking down the separating wall, which may require patching one of the doors or creating a new doorway in the exterior wall. Home owners in a multi-story building may also choose to convert the entire first floor into the in-law suite, particularly if it includes an underused room such as an office or extra living room. This may require additional construction on the upper floors to accommodate the lost space.

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