What Are Some Ideas for Adding Guest Houses to Homes?


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Some ideas for adding guest houses to homes include adding a small guest cottage with an environmentally friendly roof or adding a micro-cabin. Using a shipping container as a guest house or adding a guest house with multiple applications are other ideas for adding guest houses to homes.

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Homeowners can also consider ideas for guesthouse additions to their homes such as a caravan, which offers a unique structure and ample storage. A multi-purpose guesthouse can double as an office, a potting shed or a recreation room when guests are away. A guesthouse with a roof that uses salvaged material or a shipping container house is environmentally friendly since it reuses material. Homeowners can also take advantage of building a micro-cabin that can offer dimensions small enough to forgo the need for a permit.

Owners must check with the city or local area governing party to determine the regulations they must follow before adding any guesthouse to a home or property. Some cities require homeowners to obtain construction permits prior to adding a guesthouse to homes such as permits for electricity, roofing and building. Since these requirements change annually, homeowners should check with their local housing authority offices to determine current guidelines and rules to follow.

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