What Is an Idea for Building an Inexpensive Gazebo?


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Building an inexpensive gazebo at home is possible with the help of locally available tools and material. The ideal posts and support boards should be pressure-treated to last longer. Some gravel and cement are also required to finish the structure.

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What Is an Idea for Building an Inexpensive Gazebo?
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Measure a 10-foot-by-10-foot area and mark the boundaries or corners. Excavate a 2.5-foot hole at each of the marked corners with the help of a post hole digger. Fill each of the holes with gravel up to 6 inches deep. Install a landscape post in the center of each of the holes, and fill the holes with the cement. Brace the installed posts by screwing or nailing two 4-inch pieces of 1-inch-by-1-inch wood to each of the posts at a designated 3-foot mark; do this horizontally as well as on opposite sides of the posts.

Set 3-foot lengths of wood tightly against the posts with one of the ends placed under a 4-inch piece and the other placed on the ground. Ensure all the posts are level and straight. Give the cement at least 24 hours to dry fully. Screw the 10-foot support boards horizontally to the outside of the installed posts. Screw them at the structure's bottom and top to frame the gazebo. Fix two pieces of the lattice to the posts' outside corners. Place the last three lattice pieces on top of the structure, spaced evenly, and nail them into place.

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