What to Do If My Ice Maker Is Leaking?


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If an ice maker is leaking, it is important to identify the source of the leak, then either fix it at home or contact a repair service, depending on one's abilities. The power and water supply can be shut off to stop water from leaking onto the floor.

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The first thing to check when trying to determine the source of a leak in a refrigerator ice maker is whether the water line fittings are fastened securely, according to GE Appliances. If insecure water line fittings are not the source of the problem, the next step is to look for leaks in the water valve. Another area from which the leak may originate is the fill tube extension.

If the water line fittings, water valve and fill tube extension all appear to be in normal working order, one should look at the defrost water drain for signs that it is overflowing or cracked, resulting in leakage. It is also possible that the water is leaking from the exterior of the fridge case. Lastly, one should check whether the fridge is leveled. If the unit is not properly leveled, leveling it may stop the leak.

To turn off the water supply to the ice maker, one must locate the water line and rotate the shut-off valve until the water flow stops. The water line is most often underneath a kitchen sink, but in some homes, it is located in a basement or crawl space.

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