What Is a Hydroxyl Generator?


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A hydroxyl generator artificially produces hydroxyl, a naturally occurring molecule, which is then used to purify mass quantities of polluted air. Short-lived, highly reactive hydroxyl molecules attack numerous pollutants, including volatile organic compounds, odorous compounds, poisonous gases, bacteria, viruses and mold.

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Certain hydroxyl generators work by drawing contaminated air into the machine, where it is purified and released back into the room. An improved hydroxyl generator, invented by Guy J.E. Morneault, produces longer-lived hydroxyls that are injected into the air from the machine, making it possible to treat large quantities of air at one time. Hydroxyl generators are commonly used for disaster cleanup and restoration services. They are also used to decontaminate and remove foul, regularly occurring odors from office buildings, hotels and manufacturing facilities, such as meat processing plants.

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