What Is a Hydrotherm Boiler?


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The KN Series from HydroTherm includes the first cast-iron condensing boiler available for sale. The company claims that the units offer efficiencies as high as 93 percent, with heat outputs ranging between 200 MBH and 2,000 MBH, depending on the needs of the building.

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The modular boiler paradigm allows for the combination of multiple units to provide the necessary heat for any commercial space.

The HydroTherm line contains products ranging from residential baseboard heaters to large boiler plants designed fro commercial use, as of 2015. The KN Series claims the benefit of a cast-iron heat exchanger, as the condensing applications ostensibly reach a higher level of efficiency with this material. Cast iron is one of the more effective conductors of heat and stands the wear and tear of a variety of conditions, making it a durable choice. Combining that level of performance with the ability to modulate the heating solutions leads to performance with maximum intensity. The patented control system and the cast-iron heat exchanger make it ideal for front-end loading applications, providing more efficiency even when load and seasonal conditions vary.

HydroTherm is a company with more than 60 years in the boiler industry. HydroTherm was the first to invent the modular boiler, which was designed to make heating large commercial spaces more flexible and efficient.

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