How Does Hydroseeding Affect Grass?


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Hydroseeding can increase the speed of grass growth and protect young seedlings from environmental conditions, which helps ensure even coverage. The process may result in lush, rich lawns in less time than conventional seeding methods.

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Hydroseeding is the process of applying a layer of mulch, fertilizer and seed using a hydraulic hose to help get even, effective coverage. It is usually fairly cost-effective and easy to apply. Hydroseeding is especially effective on hilly or uneven terrain. It helps retain water to encourage plant growth and protects delicate seeds and seedlings from hot temperatures or too much sun.

One major benefit of hydroseeding is the quick, thick growth it causes. The even seeding and coverage allows grass to grow tightly together, and visible growth may occur in as little as a week. This can help prevent soil erosion from wind or rain. The tight grass growth can also help prevent weeds from getting established in the lawn. The extra moisture that the mulch retains also encourages faster germination, which keeps the lawn healthy and growing.

Hydroseeded lawns do need some special care. People and animals need to stay off of the lawn until the grass is well-established, because otherwise bare spots can form. The new lawn also needs to be kept moist with regular watering, and once it is established it needs regular mowing, watering and fertilizing to stay healthy.

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