How Does a Hydrojet Water Heater Work?


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A HydroJet water heater works by following the laws of physics and harnessing the power of flowing water to make water heaters more efficient, effective and longer lasting. The HydroJet units are also self-cleaning.

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In a typical water heater, the water slowly flows into the tank and mixes together. This, however, results in several layers of water at different temperatures. With this normal system, it can take an hour to achieve a high performing hot water output, and there is often have a high chance of sediment building up at the bottom and sides of the tank.

A tank with HydroJet technology, however, uses jet ports with advanced technology. This allows water to distribute quickly throughout the hot water tank. This greater efficiency allows up to a 10 percent increase in the speed that water is delivered and reduces the temperature layers. Since the water is more turbulent, sediment is also prevented from sticking to the walls and settling on the bottom.

Those who choose a HydroJet water heater receive an overall higher performing heater with more efficiency and deliverability. These systems also help to lower the cost of water heater ownership, and since the system reduces the build-up of sediment, it also increases the lifespan of the unit.

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