What Is a Hydraulic Press Used For?

A hydraulic press is used in all types of industries, for tasks such as glass thinning, making powders in the cosmetic industry, and forming tablets for medical use. The most common use for a hydraulic press is to transform different types of metal objects into metallic sheets.

A hydraulic press can compress a material to its full extent, requiring less space than a mechanical press. A press can be automatic, or manual, depending on the industry.

There are several types of hydraulic presses. The arbor press, a hand operated press, is for lighter duties including stamping, piercing and flattening metal. The laminating press uses heat to laminate certificates, identification cards, and even book covers.

A c-frame press is c-shaped and has a single press application that is used for drawing, straightening and assembly work. A pneumatic press uses less force, and is common in car and aircraft brake systems. In industrial settings, it requires an operator for assembling, drawing and punching.

Power presses are used in industries with heavy equipment and machinery. Due to their power, they require a lot of safety measures. Assembly presses are used to assemble parts and use extreme pressure. H-frame presses are used in applications that require multiple press actions.