What Are Hurricane-Rated Doors?


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Hurricane-rated doors are doors or coverings that meet industry standards set forth to protect a home from hurricane damage. Broken doors and windows resulted in much of the damage in south Florida in 1992's Hurricane Andrew, showcasing how important these coverings are. There are several different types of coverings to choose from.

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Accordion coverings are stored next to the door or window until needed. When a hurricane threat arises, the homeowner unfolds the coverings to prevent damage from wind, rain and flying debris. Accordion coverings can be set up by one person after installation and require a minimal amount of time to unfold prior to a storm.

Steel panels are bolted to the wall adjacent to doors and windows. These coverings are heavy but provide some of the best protection against hurricane damage. Other panels are available in aluminum, and both material options can be attached using tracks instead of bolts.

Some doors are constructed to provide protection to the home without an additional covering. These doors are designed to withstand being hit by debris and offer protection from wind infiltration, which can occur when wind breeches the structure of the home. A change in pressure results in the roof lifting off the walls, demonstrating the need for fortified doors, windows or coverings.

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