How Is Hummingbird Summersweet Grown?


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Hummingbird summersweet can be planted from fresh seeds or by taking cuttings from existing plants to make more shrubs. It prefers acidic soil that is moist, but it can be grown in a variety of soil pHs, types and moisture levels, according to Vanessa Richins Myers for About.com. Summersweet should be planted in a site that receives full sun to partial shade.

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Summersweet shrubs are generally easy to maintain and only require the occasional removal of withered or dead blossoms. Myers recommends spraying the plant regularly to remove possible spider mite infestations. In some persistent cases, the use of predatory insects and horticultural oils may be required. Myers recommends planting summersweet with other plants that blossom longer since the plant appears bare until the leaves grow at the end of spring.

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