What Are Some Houseplants That Clean the Air?

Houseplants that can clean the air include the garden mum, snake plant, dracaena, ficus, peace lily, aloe plants, English ivy, bamboo palms, spider plants, golden pothos, Boston ferns and rubber plants. Tulips, peace lilies and Gerbera daisies are also great air purifying plants and come with beautiful flowers. These plants are known to help remove pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

Garden mums are colorful flowers that are easy to care for. It is possible to plant them outside after the first bloom. The snake plant is a flower plant that prefers a warm and dry climate, so very little watering is necessary. Dracaena are stylish foliage plants coming in many varieties; however, most are toxic to animals. The ficus is a tree that requires pruning to keep it small. Alternatively, you can move it outdoors. The peace lily is a fragrant flowering plant that produces pollen.

Placing air-purifying plants throughout a home is especially useful for people who live in cold climates where people must often stay indoors and do not get a lot of fresh air. Homes may carry toxins such as formaldehyde, which can be found in sealants, flooring glues, natural gas stove emissions, furniture and finishes applied to clothing.

One study by NASA suggests that the Boston fern is able to take more formaldehyde out of the air than any other plant. Boston ferns, however, may be tricky to care for first-time plant owners because they require regular watering and feedings. Another popular plant grown outside is the English ivy plant, which climbs up trellises. This plant can be brought indoors as long as it is put in an area where it has access to both sun and shade in equal proportions. It does not require as much care as the Boston fern and can also be used as a decoration in the home.