What Are Some Household Uses for Lemon Juice and Vinegar?


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Good household uses for lemon juice include cleaning laminate countertops and cutting boards, removing food storage container stains, cleaning a microwave, and maintaining a fresh scent in the refrigerator. Vinegar works effectively in cleaning a coffee maker or microwave, unclogging a drain and making glasses shiny.

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Squeezing some lemon juice on countertops and cutting boards helps get rid of dirt and bacteria. Cut a lemon, rub the halved pieces on stains, leave them until the stains are gone, and wash with water. When cleaning food storage containers, mix lemon juice with a bit of baking soda, apply on dirty areas, and leave overnight to remove stains.

Cleaning a microwave using lemon requires dropping a lemon slice in a bowl filled with water and putting the bowl in the microwave for 45 seconds. Wipe stains on the microwave afterward. Put a lemon slice in the refrigerator to freshen up its indoor atmosphere.

Vinegar works well in unclogging a drain when poured down the drain along with 1/2 cup baking soda and then washed with water. Bring back the shine of glasses by pouring 1 cup vinegar to the dishwasher's bottom before running the cycle. To clean a coffee maker, add equal parts vinegar and water before running the machine, and switch off the coffee maker in the middle of the cycle. Finish the cycle after one hour.

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