What Are Some Household Tricks That Help to Eliminate Spiders?

Some good ways to eliminate spiders from the home are clearing away places where they tend to nest and placing deterrents and traps to keep them from entering the house. Traps and insecticide placed inside the house are also effective for getting rid of spiders.

Spiders tend to nest in debris and plants around doorways and windows because they provide warmth. Clear these areas of spider webs frequently, and remove excess plant growth. Spiders can enter the house through holes and cracks, so blocking such entrances with caulking prevents them from getting inside. Keeping outside lights at night to a minimum helps prevent spiders; the lights attract insects, which in turn attract spiders.

Aromatic deterrents such as walnut, peppermint, lavender or tea tree oil keep spiders from entering the house and building spider webs. Whole walnut bulbs placed in corners and on windowsills and solutions of essential oils in water sprayed around windows and doors are effective deterrents.

Once spiders are in the home, they often hide within clutter and under furniture. Keep the space clear and vacuum all webs and egg sacs to keep them under control. In addition, placing glue spider traps in dark, inconspicuous places such as closets and crawlspaces helps control spiders throughout the year. Grabber tools are also available for relocating spiders safely without killing them. This sort of tool generally consists of a long stick with a trigger that traps the spider in a cup.