What Household Products Kill Wasps?

household-products-kill-wasps Credit: Otto Hahn/Picture Press/Getty Images

Homemade wasp traps are easily constructed with a few common household items, according to Horizon Services. Orange juice, jam and a jar with a lid are all that is necessary to build an effective wasp trap.

A punctured hole in the jar lid must be large enough for a wasp to crawl through. The jar should be filled about halfway with orange juice, with a smear of jam under the lid. Once the wasps smell the jam, they typically crawl into the hole, fall into the orange juice and drown. A simpler but much less effective way is to use a fly swatter. When using this method, the swatter must be quick and accurate so that the wasp doesn't resort to defending itself.

Homeowners sometimes encounter problems with an entire wasp nest embedded in eaves or underground. Nests can be eradicated by placing the nest inside a heavy plastic bag at night, when the wasps are tucked inside, then sealing the bag shut. When left outside the next day, all wasps are suffocated within the bag. Another way is to use a garden hose and completely soak the underground nest, eliminating the nest and drowning all wasps inside. Water is ineffective, however, on any flying wasps.