What Household Products Can Remove Wax Safely From a Linen Tablecloth?


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To remove small amounts of wax from table linens, gently rub the wax with vegetable oil, use paper towels to absorb any excess oil and then launder the linen as usual, suggests Yankee Magazine. Larger, more stubborn wax stains can be removed using a brown paper bag, a dull knife and an iron.

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Scraping too vigorously at a large wax stain has the potential to damage fabric, according to Yankee Magazine. To remove a large wax stain, use a dull knife to gently pry up the wax without scraping or dragging the knife back and forth. When no more wax can be removed by prying, put paper towels or brown paper bags on either side of the stain and then press the area with an iron set at a low temperature. As the iron heats the wax, the wax is absorbed into the surrounding paper products. Replace the paper towels or bags as needed.

After repeating the ironing process until no more wax is absorbed by the paper, launder the linen as usual with a spot remover or stain lifter to reduce additional staining. One way to reduce the possibility of deep, oil-like residue is to place the linen in a freezer and keep it there for several days prior to attempting the iron removal process, states Good Housekeeping.

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