What Household Product Kills Ants?

Some household items that kill ants include adhesive tape, chalk, flowerpots and cayenne pepper. Some of these items are more effective in certain parts of the house, but used together, they can eliminate most ant problems.

Adhesive tape can be placed face up around any area where ants congregate. The tape works like flypaper, catching ants in place. Tape is most effective to deter ants from a specific area, such as a cupboard or a cookie jar.

Drawing a line around the outside of the house with chalk can actually prevent ants from coming inside. Chalk contains calcium carbonate, which is toxic to ants. Placing powdered chalk around flower beds can also help keeps ants and other insects away.

A flowerpot in combination with boiling water can be used to dispatch anthills in the yard. Simply place the pot over the hill, and pour boiling water through the bottom hole. The water kills the ants, while the pot prevents them from escaping.

Cayenne pepper can be used as both a natural ant deterrent and an extermination solution. Place cayenne pepper anywhere ants might enter the home, such as baseboards, windowsills or the backs of countertops, and it keeps them from going any further. Cayenne can also get rid of anthills. Simply pour a generous helping of pepper down the hole, and eliminate the problem at the source.