What Are Some Household Objects You Can Use to Clean Your Gutters?


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Clean your gutters with an old plastic spatula or part of a plastic soda bottle or milk jug. Use an old bucket as a temporary place to put the debris as you clean it out of the gutter.

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Household items such as an old plastic spatula or serving spoon can be used to clean debris out of gutters. For best results, use a spatula or spoon that is nearly as wide as the bottom of the gutter.

A quart-sized milk jug with molded handle is also a good gutter scoop. Cut the bottom off the jug with a utility knife. If the jug is too awkward to use in your gutters with only the bottom cut out, cut the sides of the jug into a scoop shape.

To use a bucket or sand pail to collect debris while you clean, either place it on a shelf or platform on the ladder, or hang the handle of the bucket over the top of the ladder so the handle rests near the top rung.

Make sure your ladder is securely in place and stable before climbing it. Enlist a friend as a spotter to ensure safety. After cleaning the gutters, rinse the downspouts with a garden hose.

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