What Are Some Household Cleaning Tips for Young People?


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Household tips for young people include scheduling a time for cleaning, keeping supplies in a tote, using the dishwasher and doing the easy stuff first. Reduce the need to clean by keeping clutter to a minimum and clean as you use an area.

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If the house is a mess, schedule a time to clean it. Put it on your appointment calendar if you have one. Turn off your cellphone during the scheduled time to help minimize distractions and reduce the time it seems you are dedicating to cleaning.

Place your cleaning supplies in a tote so they are easy to gather and handy when you need them. Include all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and a degreaser. The tote should have tools such as microfiber cloths, eraser sponges, a toilet brush and a scrub brush. Microfiber cloths are good for cleaning many surfaces. If you have a pet, include a pet sponge that you dampen and use to remove pet hair from furniture.

Fill the dishwasher with any dirty dishes spread around the space. Gather any garbage or other clutter and put it in its place. Getting these materials out of the way allows focusing on deep cleaning.

Minimize your next cleaning appointment by cleaning as you go. Keep a squeegee in the shower to wipe down the walls after each use and you minimize the need to scrub grout. Throw junk main away when you bring it into the house. Replace items in their proper home after each use.

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