What Are Some Household Cleaners That Are Used to Clean Carpets?


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Some household cleaners that can clean carpets include borax, liquid dish soap, laundry detergent and ammonia. There are also natural ways to clean carpet including using vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, shaving cream, meat tenderizer and baking soda.

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To use borax as a carpet cleaner, a person can mix it with baking soda or cornstarch, sprinkle the cleaner directly on the carpet and allow it to sit for about an hour. The individual should then vacuum the area to finish the cleaning process.

Liquid dish soap and laundry detergent are also household cleaners that clean carpet. To clear stains with these cleansers, the individual should mix a cup of warm water and 1/2 teaspoon of dish soap or liquid laundry detergent. The person should then apply a small amount to the carpet, press a clean white towel to the area and lift, repeating until the stain is gone. The person should not scrub the stain, and patience is necessary, as this process may take a while to complete.

People also use ammonia to remove stains from carpet, and to do this, they mix a cup of clear ammonia with 1/2 gallon of warm water and sponge this solution onto the stain. The person should allow the solution to dry and repeat if the stain is still there.

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