Which Household Appliances Use Magnets?

Refrigerators, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, telephones and scales are just a few of the many household appliances that use magnets. A few others are televisions, garbage disposals and smart phones and burglar alarms.

Most refrigerator and freezer doors are lined with a strip of rubber with magnetized material lying within it. This material helps to keep the doors closed tightly.

Rotating appliances, such as garbage disposals and ceiling fans, function by utilizing the attracting and repelling properties of magnets. Vacuum cleaners utilize this same repelling property to rotate the motor.

Microwaves contain magnets inside of a magnetron or tube. When electricity runs through it, microwaves are produced that are used to heat food.

Magnets are used mostly in the older models of television sets. Magnetic fields move beams horizontally and vertically to create the picture.

Speakers use wire coil and magnets within a membrane. When electricity runs through the coil, the force between it and the magnet causes vibrations, which produce sound. Telephone speakers use this same method in their microphones and speakers to capture and produce sound.

Household scales utilize magnets to quickly settle the needle when weight is removed from it. Burglar alarms use magnets to activate a switch to notify the alarm system when a window has been opened.