How Is a House Tested for Black Mold?


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Professional mold removal contractors conduct mold tests by visually inspecting a home and then using a device to test the air. Depending on their findings, they sometimes send mold samples to a lab for further testing.

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How Is a House Tested for Black Mold?
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Mold removal experts are licensed and trained professionally in identifying and then safely and effectively removing mold. They use equipment that is designed especially for the purposes of detecting and removing mold.

Another benefit to hiring a professional mold removal contractor is that such experts have tools capable of detecting hidden mold within floors, walls and ceilings. They also know how to protect themselves while checking for mold. When they discover dangerous mold, they are equipped to remove it immediately and to treat the area to avoid recurrences.

There are home mold testing kits available as well. However, mold experts emphasize such kits should be regarded as a first step only, and that following up with a professional is recommended, as these kits do not indicate how much mold is present or how harmful it is. The kits include a swab for collecting a sample. Some also include incubators in which the sample may be placed to see if it grows. Others instruct users to submit samples to professional labs to be tested.

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