How Do House-Leveling Jacks Work?


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House-leveling hydraulic jacks are one of the tools that house lifters use to level a house when there are problems with the foundation. Workers use a unifying jack system to keep things even and secure while they work.

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The house lifting process begins after the contractor decides what needs to be done and begins digging under the house. This lets workers reach the house's external underground walls. With this access, workers can install metal beams under the first floor of the house. These beams are held in place by the system of hydraulic jacks. The workers then begin to build a cribbing foundation with timber to ensure stability and safety as the house is lifted by increments of 6 to 10 inches using the jack system.

After each lift, more timber is added for support. The timber is cross-stacked over the existing layer until it reaches the bottom of the first floor of the house. After the house is completely lifted from the original foundation, workers can start demolition or renovation to build a more solid foundation. After this work is done, they lower the house in a reverse manner to attach to the new foundation. In some cases, a house is lifted for remodeling or to attach an extra floor.

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