What Makes a House Dusty?


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Dust is formed from dead skin, carpet and fabric fibers, and also comes in from the outside, blown in through window or door cracks or tracked in by people and pets. Regular cleaning, using premium filters in a home's air conditioning and heating unit and regular inspections of the duct work help cut down on dust.

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Homeowners may be surprised to know that much of the dust in the home comes through small cracks not only from around windows and doors, but also electrical outlets and light switches. These small cracks help a house to "breathe" and suck in air from the outside. As the air from inside the house escapes, it creates a vacuum and air from the outside enters bringing dust and dirt particles with it.

Dust is also tracked inside on people's shoes and pets' feet. Having rugs outside each entrance of the home helps cut down on dust coming in from outside. Regular vacuuming and sweeping, as well as general dusting, help to control the dust on the inside of the home.

Leaky ductwork and substandard filters are also culprits when the home appears too dusty. A good air filter is one that catches particles of all sizes. Ductwork should be checked regularly for leaks, since leaks allow air in from the outside which, in turn, is blown throughout the house.

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