Where Are Hotpoint Appliances Manufactured?

Since the closure of two manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom in 2007, the majority of Hotpoint tumble dryers and washing machines are now made in Italy. Refrigerator products are made in Poland but distributed in England. In the U.S., Hotpoint products are made by GE in its Louisville plant.

In 1918, a California inventor named Earl Richardson and his partner, a journalist and amateur electrician from Iowa named George A. Hughes, joined forces with the General Electric Company to create the brand Hotpoint Electric Heating Company. Today, this brand is known as Hotpoint and is a major manufacturer of domestic appliances for households in the United States and Europe.

After entering the British market in 1920, Hotpoint quickly became the country's number one manufacturer of kitchen appliances. Despite numerous plant closures and outsourcing manufacturing jobs to other countries throughout Europe, such as Wales and Poland, Hotpoint still remains the leader in domestic appliances in English households.

Ownership of the brand is split between Italy's Indesit, owner of the European rights, and GE, who have North American rights to manufacturing, marketing and distribution. In September 2014, General Electric agreed to sell its domestic appliances division, including Hotpoint, to Electrolux of Sweden.