What Is the Best Hot Tub to Buy?


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In a 2013 Readers' Choice List compiled by Lisa Hallett Taylor for About, Coast Spas was named as the best brand of hot tubs to buy. Runners-up included Bullfrog Spas and Hot Springs Spas. The brands were rated on factors such as design, style, company reputation, available features, range of products and customer satisfaction.

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Coast Spas is a Canadian company. It developed a unique, closed-and-pressurized filtration system for its spa units that removes water contaminants from the bathing area, so the water is as clean as possible. Each spa comes with a standard, self-cleaning sweeper jet mounted to the floor of the spa to replace the more traditional manual spa vacuums. The company is well-known for its innovative spa tub designs, and the Coast Spas brand of tubs was the first to offer installed stereo systems with the spa tubs. The runner-up brands of spa tubs, Bullfrog Spas out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Hot Springs Spas headquartered in Vista, Calif., both offer competitive products that are similar to those for sale from Coast Spas. While their products may be just as good as those from Coast Spas, it is important to remember the first-place rating for Coast Spas includes things such as customer service and reputation factors.

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