How Does Hose Reel Storage Work?


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Hose reel storage products allow users to wrap a length of garden hose around a spool-like wheel for safe, unobtrusive storage when the hose is not in use. Types of reel storage include stationary units with manual or automatic winding, wheeled carts and wall-mounted products.

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How Does Hose Reel Storage Work?
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Hose reel storage units run the gamut from utilitarian plastic devices to decorative metal ones. Stationary storage units are often plastic boxes with an opening through which the user extracts and rewinds the hose. Whereas some units retract the hose automatically, others have a crank owners turn to rewind the hose. Cart and wall-mounted styles typically have cranks or require that users manually wrap the hole around the reel.

The best type of storage for a particular user depends on the type and length of the hose. Rubber hose, for example, has a larger diameter than vinyl, so it needs a larger reel to hold the same length. Because rubber is also heavier, a user may prefer an automatically rewinding reel to avoid overexertion, whereas a vinyl hose user may find it relatively easy to wrap the hose manually.

Users can minimize their storage needs by avoiding excessive hose lengths. An easy way to determine the proper length needed is to measure the distance between spigots and the farthest points the hoses are likely to be used.

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