How Do You Hook up a Portable Clothes Washer to a Sink?


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In order to connect a portable washing machine, find an area to set it up with an electrical outlet, a drain and a faucet. Unhook the sink faucet aerator and replace it with the adaptor. The sink is now prepared to be attached to the hoses from the portable washer.

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Often, renters or homeowners without a full size washer and dryer in their home use a portable washing machine. To use the portable washing machine, hook the machine up to the sink using the adaptor and provided washing machine hoses. Before adding the clothes to the machine, use the faucet to fill the machine with water. Add detergent, and then add the clothes. Once the water, detergent and clothes are added, plug in the machine and allow it to complete the wash cycle.

Most portable washers do require a three-prong grounded outlet. After the wash cycle, drain the machine and refill it with water for the rinse cycle. After the rinse cycle, drain the machine for a final time and let the clothes run through the spin cycle. Keep in mind these machines only hold about 10 pounds of clothes, so loads of laundry must be small. A pictorial step-by-step guide for hooking up the portable washing machine is available on the Instructables website.

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