How Do You Hook up a Minute Mount Plow?


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To hook up a Minute Mount plow to a vehicle, first refer to the manual supplied with the specific series of the snow plow. When hooking up the Minute Mount plow, the blade must be in the straight position. Before hooking up the plow, inspect the snow plow bolts and components for any damage.

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The first step to hooking the plow is to pull the pin release handle and push it down to pull out the connecting pins. Next, drive the vehicle slowly to incorporate the push plates into the attachment arms. For the HT series blades, attach all the electrical connectors, turn on the control and activate the float mode with the ignition on.

Completely raise the pin release handle to release the connecting pins. The next step is to push the headgear toward the vehicle to enable the connecting pins to completely engage the push plates. For the HT series blades, push the headgear toward the vehicle using the headgear push bar.

Next, pull out the jack lock and push the pin release handle into the stop mode. For the HT series blades, the jack raises automatically on pushing the jack retract lever. While holding the jack lockout, use the jack handle to fully raise the jack. Finally, release the jack lock and attach all the electrical connectors.

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