How Do You Hook up an Ice Maker Water Line to Your Refrigerator?


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Connect the icemaker water line to the refrigerator using the compression fittings the appliance manufacturer supplies. Place the compression nut over the tube, add the compression ring and place the tube in the fitting. Hand-tighten the nut and then use small wrenches to turn it another three-quarter turn.

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If the home does not have an icemaker water line, one can be added, using soldered copper connections and a compression tee or a saddle valve to connect to the cold water supply from the sink. The saddle valve is the quickest way to make the connection.

Saddle valves work on many different types of pipe. The valve has a clamp that fits around the pipe and a rubber washer that prevents leaks. Once the valve is in place with copper or plastic feed lines, the installer turns the handle so the needle pierces the pipe. Turn the handle the opposite direction to allow water to flow to the icemaker.

Drill a series of 1/2-inch holes through the sidewalls of the cabinets between the sink and refrigerator to feed the icemaker supply line. Straighten the copper to feed through the holes and connect to the saddle valve. Leave any excess tubing coiled behind the refrigerator. This coil serves as a spring to prevent leaks at the connection point.

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