How Do You Hook up a Generator to Your House?


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Wire a generator to a house by installing a transfer switch next to the home's breaker box. When the power is out, the generator plugs into the switch and the circuits receive power from the generator, eliminating the use of extension cords.

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To hook a generator to a house, first mount the unit. The transfer switch should go directly next to the existing electrical pane. From there, turn off the electricity to the whole house at the electrical panel. Connect the wires from the transfer switch to the breakers.

Drill a 1 1/2-inch diameter hole from the exterior to the interior of the home, and extend a cable to the transfer switch from the electrical box. Connect the cable to the transfer switch's electrical repository, and screw the repository onto the electrical box. Connect the cable and transfer switch, and plug in the generator.

To make certain the transfer switch was properly installed, test the circuits while the power remains off at the main panel. The transfer switch connects to the main panel to allow the generator to operate certain circuits, even when there is no power. Consult with a licensed electrician if you need to install the transfer switch.

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