How Do You Hook up a Four-Prong Dryer Plug?

How Do You Hook up a Four-Prong Dryer Plug?

Updates to electrical codes in 2000 require that dryers use four-prong plugs. You can update a dryer to meet these requirements in less than half an hour. The job requires screwdrivers or nut drivers and a replacement power cord.

  1. Disconnect the power

    Turn off the dryer circuit breaker. Disconnect the dryer from the receptacle. If the existing receptacle uses a three-prong plug, have an electrician replace it with the new four-prong receptacle.

  2. Move the dryer to provide easy access

    Most dryers are lightweight and easy to move. Pull the unit away from the wall and turn it to provide easy access to the electrical terminal block. Remove the terminal cover to access the block.

  3. Note the color and location of the wires

    Before disconnecting the existing wires, make a note of their location on the terminal block. Use a smart phone to take a photo or make a quick drawing to record the information.

  4. Remove existing power cord

    Loosen the screws on the terminal block and remove the cords. Remove the grounding strip that attaches the dryer cabinet to the neutral post on the terminal block.

  5. Connect the new cord

    Attach the new cord, following the same color pattern as the old cord. Connect the green wire to the dryer case using the green screw that attached the grounding strip to the cabinet

  6. Replace the terminal cover

    Move the terminal cover back into place. Insert the screw and tighten.

  7. Restore power

    Move the dryer back into place. Insert the plug into the four-terminal receptacle. Turn on the circuit breaker.