How Does the Honeywell Twin Window Fan Work?


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Honeywell twin window fans cool a room by using two fans to pull air from outside the home into the home. They also contain a feature that enables one fan to change directions and push air outside of the room, circulating the air.

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Installing a Honeywell twin window fan involves choosing an appropriately sized window so the fan is secure. Most models of twin window fans work in windows that open both horizontally and vertically, though all windows need to open enough to allow the fan to fit in the sill without being compressed. The unit also needs enough space so that both fans cover the window without exceeding the open space. If there is excess space in the window, one can use the included extension panel to block the space or purchase an external covering to perform the same function.

Once the fan is installed, the owner can choose different options based on the specific model. For example, the HW-305 model features an adjustable thermostat that allows the owner to automatically control room temperature. If the room reaches a certain heat level, the fan is programmed to turn on and cycle out the hot air while replacing it with cool outside air.

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