What Is Homemade Rat Poison?


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Homemade rat poison consists of ingredients that are typically found in the home and are considered a safer alternative to toxic fumigation. There are several options for homemade rat poison that include a mix of flour, sugar and baking soda, as well as boric acid mixed with peanut butter. Homemade rat poison is a cost efficient alternative to extermination as well.

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A flour, sugar and baking soda mixture is the safest form of homemade rat poison, and is easy to make by mixing together equal parts of all three ingredients and sprinkling along the baseboards as well as around the outside of the home. Flour is a popular home pest remedy, as many common household insects and pests refuse to walk over a flour line.

Peanut butter balls with boric acid are simple to make as well, and boric acid is considered a low-toxicity alternative to harsh fumigation. Peanut butter balls are prepared by mixing equal amounts of boric acid powder and peanut butter and rolling the mixture into balls. Rats and mice love peanut butter and are quickly drawn to the bait's scent. Boric acid broth balls are another popular home remedy that consist of boric acid and chicken broth.

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