What Are Some Homemade Bird Deterrents?

Some homemade bird deterrents include old pie tins, strips of aluminum foil or old compact disks. Hang reflective items in areas of congregation to deter the birds. The glare and flash from the sunlight hitting the reflective material is known to frighten birds and promotes them to migrate to a different area.

Another homemade bird deterrent is chili pepper spray. To create bird deterrent with chili peppers, crush several chili peppers, and then mix and soak the crushed peppers in water. Allow the concoction to sit in the sun for a few days, pour it into a spray bottle, and spray it onto plants or items in the area where birds congregate. Birds do not like the smell and generally leave areas sprayed with this deterrent.

Garlic and garlic oil have also been proven to be a good homemade bird deterrent, especially for starlings. Strategically place garlic bulbs in your flower garden or garden to deter the birds naturally. When the birds consume garlic, it makes them eat less. Soaking bird seed in garlic oil can help reduce the amount of hungry birds that visit. Spraying plants and objects with a garlic oil and water mix also works to help deter the birds from a homemade standpoint.