What Is a Home Ventilation System?


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A home ventilation system moves air throughout the house with fans to maintain consistent air quality and remove moisture from the air. When using a home ventilation system, residents typically do not need to open windows and doors to allow air to move throughout the home.

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Home ventilation systems work to depressurize the air in the home and reduce the risk of pollutants, dust and pollen from outdoor air circulation.

The four primary types of home ventilation systems include exhaust, supply, balanced, and energy and heat recovery ventilators. Exhaust ventilation systems work well in cold climates and are among the least expensive options for home ventilation. Supply ventilation systems are relatively inexpensive and allow filtering of dust and pollen and dehumidification of outdoor air. Supply systems work well in mixed and hot climates. Balanced ventilation systems typically cost more than exhaust and supply systems, but these units work well in all types of climates.

An energy and heat recovery ventilation system works to reduce the costs of heating and cooling and is most effective in climates with extreme summer heat or harsh winters that produce higher fuel costs. This particular ventilation system is available as a window-mounted model, central ventilation unit or small wall-mounted unit.

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