What Are Some Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide?

What Are Some Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide?

People use hydrogen peroxide domestically to sanitize cuts, whiten delicate items, clean stubborn stains, preserve vegetables against bacteria, disinfect surfaces, detoxify baths and prepare mouthwash. It is a household remedy for infections including bird mites, foot fungus and sinus infections.

Washing vegetables with hydrogen peroxide protects them from bacterial attack. It removes traces of pesticides and dirt. Before storage, wash vegetables with hydrogen peroxide, rinse with clean water and then allow them to dry.

A wooden cutting board provides a breeding ground where bacteria can thrive. Cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide prevents bacteria from getting into food.

Hydrogen peroxide serves as a mouthwash. Mixed with an equal amount of water, it kills the bacteria responsible for halitosis and freshens breath.

A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda makes a whitening toothpaste. The paste kills bacteria, helping with early stages of gingivitis.

When a family or an individual has flu or a cold, it helps to soak a toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide to prevent germ transfer.

Hydrogen peroxide is an alternative bleach for whitening clothes. It helps get rid of stubborn stains like blood from carpets or clothes.

Soaking an infection, cut or wound in hydrogen peroxide helps in healing, as it kills the bacteria. It also heals skin conditions, fungus and boils.