What Are Some Home Tips by Divine Vastu?


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Divine Vastu's tips for the home include building balconies facing the north or east, master bedrooms on the southwest corner, and kitchens in the southeast. Vastu recommends that homeowners avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom, and the main door should be larger than the other doors entering the house. Other Vastu tips include avoiding shadows falling on the main door; placing mirrors, sinks and taps along the northeast walls and placing living rooms in the north or east.

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According to Vastu, the northeast part of the house should be clean with no garbage receptacles. A water fountain in this direction is also good for the home. With a rectangular dining table, occupants should face east or west while eating. Children’s rooms should be in the north or west with their study tables in the north or east sides of the rooms. Keep the center of a room or house free from pillars, loads, beams and water bodies. Vastu also recommends occupants to sleep with their heads pointing towards the south but not towards the north.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient concept that seeks to balance the mind, body and soul with the earth’s energy through proper arrangement of space elements.

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