What Are Some Home Solar Systems With Good Reviews?

What Are Some Home Solar Systems With Good Reviews?

ReneSola, JA Solar, Kyocera and First Solar are some of the home solar systems with good reviews. Others include Trina Solar and Hanwha SolarOne. The solar systems are products of different companies.

ReneSolar panels surpass industry standards by about 1 percent, and they have high power output, making them one of the most efficient in the market. The panels are light and durable.

In standard test conditions, the JA Solar panel can have efficiency levels of between 18.4 percent and 19.5 percent. That makes it an efficient solar panel.

A homeowner that uses a lot of electricity should consider the Kyocera solar panel. Regarding pure wattage, the panel is one of the most powerful on the market. It has an efficiency level of 16 percent and is durable.

The First Solar panel has undergone a rigorous test to show that it surpasses industry standards in different areas. The panel has certifications that prove that point. Regarding efficiency, the panel exceeds those of equivalent power and size by 8 percent. Besides, the panel is durable.

Trina Solar panel is efficient and surpasses the 16 percent standard set by the industry. It is of high quality and provides good performance on low light days. The manufacturer offers a ten-year guarantee, increasing the level of confidence that customers have towards the panel.

According to the manufacturer, the Hanwha SolarOne panel has a twelve-year product warranty. The panel meets the 16 percent efficiency standard set by the industry and is durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions.