What Are Some Home Siding Options?

What Are Some Home Siding Options?

Wood, vinyl, plastic and fiber cement are common home siding options. The benefits offered by these options varies, and homeowners should examine the pros and cons of each before choosing siding for the home.

Wood siding is one of the oldest sidings and gives the home a traditional look. It can be stained or painted but must be refinished on a routine basis. Wood can warp and rot, and is vulnerable to damage from insects and woodpeckers.

Vinyl siding is a low cost, versatile alternative to wood. Though it does not warp, rot or sustain insect and woodpecker damage, it is susceptible to cracking, melting and burning. It does not need to be painted, and several color and design options are available.

Plastic siding is thicker than vinyl and more closely resembles the look of cedar. Upkeep is minimal, and it is more durable in cold weather climates than its vinyl counterpart.

Fiber cement siding is made of cellulose fiber and cement, sand or fly ash. It closely resembles the appearance of real wood, but is not vulnerable to insect damage or rotting and warping. Occasional refinishing is needed to maintain the appearance of the siding. It is non-flammable and has a longer life than wood siding.