What Home Security Services Does Vector Security Offer?

What Home Security Services Does Vector Security Offer?

Vector Security offers a variety of home security services, including video surveillance, burglar and carbon monoxide alarms and environmental hazard monitoring. The company also offers mobile security management, monitored fire alarms and personal medical emergency alert services.

Vector Security offers a selection of monitored alarm services that facilitate rapid responses to emergencies. All Vector alarm systems include control panels with intuitive interfaces. Customers can control the alarms with mobile phones, wireless key fobs and remote controls. They may also elect to receive alarm notifications via text message, or have the alerts sent to a computer.

Vector offers several types of burglar alarms, including motion detectors and contact sensors. The company also offers glass breakage alarms. Triggered alarms emit a loud noise and notify Vector's 'round-the-clock monitoring center.

Vector Security fire alarm systems include expert placement of smoke detectors. When triggered, the detectors emit an alarm and immediately notify local emergency services.

Vector Security also offers home environmental hazard alarms. These alarms provide notifications of events such as flooding and leaks due to broken pipes.

All Vector alarms have secure, reliable power systems and connect to the monitoring center through a telephone line. The alarms also feature cellular backup technology, ensuring that the alarms remain functional if severe weather disrupts telephone service.