What Home Security Options Does Mediacom Offer?


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Mediacom provides a home controller service that features video access, touch screen control center, customized alerts, security devices and remote access. Mediacom also offers emergency response services such that, when something wrong happens at home, the company contacts the relevant authorities whether the owner is present or not.

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The remote access feature allows the user to connect to his home security virtually and adjust his thermostat, check activity inside the house or turn the lights on or off using his mobile device.

The video access feature provides a 24-hour live streaming video on all secured locations in the house. The live stream video is accessible via his computer, smart phone or tablet.

Mediacom also provides a user-friendly touch screen control center that allows the user to arm and disarm the system. This control center also features a backup cellular connection and a stand-by backup battery. The home controller system features menus that the user customizes to match his needs. For instance, the user can set the system to send him a text message or e-mail update when his kids get home or when certain appliances are turned on. Mediacom security system also features a Netgear security router, a lawn sign and window decals at no extra charge.

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