What Is a Home Remedy to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles?

Milky spores, kaolin clay and handpicking can help eliminate Japanese beetle infestations. Milky spores are an effective treatment if the larvae of the Japanese beetle are disturbing lawns and gardens on the property.

Milky spores are available in granules or a powder that is spread over the infested areas of the property by hand or with a drop spreader. The larvae consume the spores through the soil. After the spores are consumed, they continue to multiply, providing continuous control over Japanese beetle populations on the property.

To control damage to plants, use kaolin clay mixed with water. In a garden sprayer, combine 3 cups of powdered kaolin clay in a gallon of water and mix throughly. Spray the mixture onto any affected plants, and then flush the sprayer out to remove any clay residue. Kaolin clay leaves a white film on fruits and other plants that can be scrubbed off at harvest or after the Japanese beetle population has been eliminated.

Handpicking large beetles is also an option to remove Japanese beetles from small plants in the garden. Fill a small bucket with water, and then add a small amount of liquid dish detergent. Shake each plant over the bucket, allowing the beetles to fall into the water. If beetles are still visible after shaking the plant, wear gloves and pick the beetles off the plants, and place them in the bucket of soapy water. Allow the beetles to remain in the water overnight before disposal.