What Is a Home Remedy for Removing Wallpaper?


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Mixing equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and applying the spray to wallpaper offers an effective home remedy to remove wallpaper. Upon applying the solution, it sits for about fifteen minutes to dissolve the glue. The loose paper is then ready to scrape off the wall.

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In some cases, the finish of the wallpaper does not allow the solution to soak through it, so it does not dissolve the glue. A wallpaper scoring tool can be used to cut through the surface of the paper so the liquid can soak through to the glue and dissolve it.

For safety, it is essential to turn off the electricity to the room before spraying the vinegar. Even though the power is off, the user should avoid spraying the solution into outlets. When removing wallpaper, working with a small area at a time is often helpful. This allows removal of the paper before the vinegar solution dries. If the vinegar dries, the glue sticks the paper back to the wall.

Using vinegar as a wallpaper remover offers several advantages. The all natural solution has no harsh chemicals and the scent of vinegar dissipates upon removal of the paper and drying of the vinegar. Unlike some commercial wallpaper removers, vinegar is nontoxic and inexpensive.

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