What Is a Home Remedy to Remove a Kool-Aid Stain?


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To remove a Kool-Aid stain, create an ammonia solution, spray it on the stain, cover the stain with a damp towel, set a hot iron on the towel, remove the iron, and then wash the item in cold water. Let the item air dry.

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  1. Prepare an ammonia solution

    Place equal portions of ammonia and water inside a spray bottle. Lightly shake the bottle to mix the solution.

  2. Spray the stain

    Generously spray the Kool-Aid stain with the ammonia and water solution.

  3. Cover the stain

    Dampen a towel, and place it directly over the Kool-Aid stain.

  4. Heat a clothing iron

    Heat a clothing iron to a hot setting. Add water to the iron to ensure it's both hot and steamy.

  5. Place the iron on the towel

    Place the hot, steamy iron directly on the damp towel right above the stain. Let the iron sit for 30 seconds. The heat and steam lifts the stain from the item and transfers it to the damp towel.

  6. Wash the item

    Launder the item using cold water, following any detergent recommendations for the fabric.

  7. Dry and inspect the item

    Let the item air dry, and inspect the affected area to make sure the stain is completely gone. Repeat the process if necessary. Do not place the item in the dryer, as this can set the stain and cause it to become permanent.

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